OraMod 2nd Consortium Meeting

business-meetings-FAQThe OraMod Consortium will be meeting in Amsterdam on February 13th-14th, 2014 at VU medical center. The meeting will consolidate the clinical study and the OraMod predictive model and VPH platform.

OraMod 2nd Consortium meeting Amsterdam 13-14 February 2014


Assess the status of the work, the available resources and the work plan feasibility.
Verify the assumption of the project (clinical and technical) and agree on a final shared vision of what to do, who does what and of the deadlines
Plan the work for the next period and agree on contributions to be produced, responsibilities and deadlines
Discuss the use scenarios which must be produced by MARCH 2014

What partners must do to prepare the meeting

To prepare the meeting the following actions must be done:

1) read the Technical Annex I especially Part A (Work packages description) and be clear regarding each partner’s role and responsibility

2) check deadlines especially for the task each partner is responsible for

3) prepare proposal for plans indicating:
– actions/activities to be done (list the actions and the deadlines in order to meet the plan) – define the contributors for each activity
– verify risks and define recovery/backup plans