OraMod 4th Consortium meeting

gruppoThe OraMod Consortium in October 2014 will hold its 4th meeting at Heinrich-Heine University Dusseldorf.

The OraMod Consortium will hold its 4th meeting in Dusseldorf to sum up the results achieved at the end of the first year of the project and to prepare the first technical review. The Consortium meeting is scheduled on 28th and 29th October 2014 at Heinrich-Heine University. The objectives:
Technical: plan technical presentations and demo for review 9 Dec. 2014; verify mockups developed by VCI; agree on development in WP3: model; agree on development WP4: Imaging Tools; plan installation of OraMod first release of data entry platform.
Users: verify the status of patients enrollment for the OraMod model validation; verify status of side research (FFPE and RNAseq) at VUMC; define a plan for the model realization.
Administrative: reporting: status and contributions required; review meeting: objectives and planning of presentations and demos.