Oramod at THNO2015

5-7 November 2015
5th Trends in Head and Neck Oncology
THNO 2015
Lisbon Marriott Hotel, Portugal
Oramod Presentation

Oramod Project was presented to the 5th Trends in Head and Neck Oncology meeting by Silvia Rossi, PhD (University of Parma – Italy).

This meeting offered up-to-date information on many aspects of head & neck cancer translated to daily practice.

With a wealth of exciting data emerging in this rapidly evolving field the 5th THNO meeting  reviewed the state-of-the-art knowledge with emphasis on multidisciplinary decision making and management of head and neck cancer, with at the same time giving ample time to discuss new imaging techniques, translational research,  new and innovative treatment approaches, supportive care, quality of life and end of life issues.

The 5th-THNO is designed for medical oncologists, surgeons, radiationoncologists, otolaryngologists, and other medical professionals involved in the treatment of patients with head and neck cancer.

Download the presentation: PART1PART2