OraMod workshop

cropped-oramod-rettangolare.jpgOraMod satellite symposium during VPH 2016 Conference
September, 27 2016 – 16:30-18:00
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

OraMod will organise a workshop during VPH2016. The workshop’s title is “Personalized management of Oral Cavity Cancer: models and point-of-care diagnostic to help treatment decisions.” – Date: 27/09/2016 – 16:30-18:00

Preliminary agenda for a 90 minutes event:
– OraMod concepts: modelling Oral Cavity Cancer prediction – Tito Poli (UNIPR)
– How prognostic models could influence Oral cavity cancer management – Steven Mes (VUMC)
– New techniques for diagnostic image analysis and automatic features extraction: Florian Jung (Fraunhofer IGD) and demo slideshow (radiologist from Parma)
– OraMod platform: Virtual Representation and Virtual Tumor Board for decision support: presentation and demo slideshow by OneToNet and VCI
– Point of care personalized genomic analysis: the Q3 qRT-PCR in vitro diagnostic. Marco Cereda (STmicroelectronics)
– Break
– Round table and open discussion. Chair Ruud Brakenhoff (VUMC).

The VPH series of conferences offers a platform to present research related to the Physiome/VPH, and more broadly, to research into Computational Systems Biomedicine, as well as applications thereof in clinical settings, towards predictive personalised medicine. The conference contributes to better understanding of health and disease, and the healthy living and ageing.

The conference features 3 keynote speakers, 8 invited speakers, 100 contributed lectures, and 50 poster presentations. For details see

Abstarct: http://oramod.eu/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/VPH-symposium-presentation.pdf