OraMod intends to translate into the hospital care delivery pathways the usage of predictive modeling and simulation tools to early stratify patients at high risk for oral cavity cancer recurrence and so apply the most effective treatment and follow-up procedures.
The overall goal is to improve prediction of disease reoccurrence by using ICT for analysis and modelling disease progression for each individual patient, for knowledge sharing and collaborative decisions in Tumor Boards and for the reduction of social and economic impacts due to treatment and post-treatment morbidity.
To achieve these goals, OraMod addresses the following objectives:

• To implement an interoperable and collaborative ICT environment integrating:
– Huge health datasets, medical knowledge and multi-disciplinary collaborative best clinical practices.
– Cutting-edge technologies, including VPH modelling and in-silico simulation for decision support and personalized medicine.
– Smart tools for diagnostic images fusion and segmentation and automatic extraction of imaging features and predictive markers.
– Innovative Point-of-Care in-vitro-Diagnostics devices and systems for fast, Real-Time and cheap genomic tests and detection of genomic markers.

• To assess such technologies into the Clinical settings and the IT hospital infrastructure:
– Demonstrate the VPH concept of disease and patient virtualization,
– Integrate into the clinical workflow and usual best practices,
– Introduce a trustable model and simulation tool into the clinical decision process,
– Reinforce collaborative multidisciplinary diagnostic and therapeutic approach,
– Provide more accurate disease reoccurrence prediction criteria founded on multi-scale and multi-level biomarkers.

• To validate a limited number of predictive biomarkers with high significance for early prediction of patients at high risk of reoccurrence of Oral Cavity cancer. 

• To create a shared workbench for tools, models services and anonymized clinical data to be used by the scientific community. 

• To entrust clinicians in the use of VPH models for clinical decisions. 

• To assess the socio-economic and clinical impacts of the OraMod approach to patients stratification and disease progression prediction. 

• To produce viable business plans to exploit OraMod and to export the OraMod approach and technologies in more clinical areas.