Team Leader: Mr. George Karantonis
Role: CEO
Address: 5 Chimaras str. 15125, Marousi, Athens, Greece
Telephone: +30 213 0186800
Fax: +30 213 0186888

MOTIVIAN, established in 2005, promotes innovation and new technologies in the European ICT Market, by providing IT solutions that cover key business activities in various sectors ranging from finance and telecoms to healthcare. MOTIVIAN, one of the most successful corporate spin-offs of Velti – global provider of mobile marketing and advertising technology and solutions, is an experienced designer, developer and vendor of web and mobile solutions with a long list of applications developed either within commercial projects for the company’s customers and as part of customized solutions or even as standalone applications marketed directly by the company in the popular mobile app markets. With absolute responsibility and commitment to the goal of providing high quality services and innovative products, MOTIVIAN is highly investing in research and development activities. Key research interests include among others: novel methods for data aggregation and visualization, alleviating user interaction through intuitive user interfaces and dynamic adaptation of user interfaces using semantic-based mechanisms like Knowledge Assisted Visualization. MOTIVIAN personnel has participated in numerous R&D projects; in these research projects, the company implemented techniques and iterative methodologies for the production of interactive user interfaces for multiple types of users and devices, paying particular attention in the design and analysis of usability and user experience aspects, as these are important factors for the take up of innovative solutions. In most projects, is also involved with aggregation and interoperability of data between devices, applications and services, management of complex multi-dimensional data structures and processing of data according to standards.

Role in OraMod: MOTIVIAN will develop the information exploration and visualization environment of the OraMod platform, supporting healthcare professionals in re-occurrence prediction and treatment planning. Specifically MOTIVIAN will implement the Knowledge Assisted Visualization tools, the Simulation Environment and the Virtual Tumor Board tools.