OneToNet (Milano - Italy)

Team Leader: Augusto Ruggeri
Role: Health Care Division Manager
Address: Via Valtellina, 16 – 20159 Milano – Italy
Telephone: +39 02 36587365
Fax: +39 02 36587910

OneToNet S.r.l.( has been founded in Milan in 2006, as the result of an initiative of a group of professionals with proven experience in the IT field. The company’s initial vocation to work on enterprise-class portals, has been further developed, so as to offer to Customers all kinds of services related to operational web presence. The basic offering of web communication includes digital PR, positioning, commercial proposition and marketing.
First class technology skills, mainly in the Java world, and process governance expertise have allowed to extend the customer base of the company over the years.
OneToNet is therefore an IT and Web partner for its customers, able to accompany them with solutions that, on one side, are technologically advanced and, on the other side, are specifically focused to achieve the desired results.
The solutions delivered by ONETONET are implemented on top of “best of bread” or “proprietary” platforms; an important , recent evolution led to the implementation of an original social networking platform: One2NetWork (
OneToNet has recently been complemented by the acquisition of a clinical process management software (ClinicalHUB –
ClinicalHUB is a powerful and original clinical management product, that integrates and extends the basic concepts of medical records and electronic health records.
A key feature is the concept of the software as a hub (connector): all operational processes of medical and nursing staff provide information feeding an EPR (Electronic Patient Record) at maximum detail. ClinicalHub has to be seen, from now on, as the “core component” of all ONETONET Hospital Integrated Solutions.
From the technological point of view, ClinicalHub has been designed according to a multi-tier software architecture (Intranet or Extranet); it is based on:

1. a clinical framework J2EE-compliant, composed of Web Server, JSP and Java Servlet environment, Application Server EJB
2. a suite of Enterprise Java Beans components , fully compliant with ISO-ANSI HL7 and DICOM.

Role in OraMod: OneToNet will be responsible for the overall System Integration of the OraMod Platform and for the Development of the Oral Cancer Documentation System.